HKC SecureWave | SW10270 Hybrid Panel & Keypad


  • HKC SW10270 Hybrid Panel
  • Touch Keypad (New Style)
  • 10 Wired Zones (Expandable to 270 wired/wireless zones)
  • True Hybrid Panel
  • Accepts all types of wiring configurations
  • 231 Outputs
  • 64 Users
  • Full Audio Zone Library
  • 2 way Wireless Receiver on Board
  • Compatible with GSM-WiFi Dual Path Communicator
  • Compatible with RF-Expander
  • EN Grade 2
  • Irish Garda & UK Police Compliant
  • BS8243 / PD6662 Compliant
  • 12 Month Warranty & Technical Support

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Designed for domestic and commercial applications the SW 10270 incorporates both HKC’s SecureWatch wired and SecureWave wireless technologies. The panel is a true hybrid and communicates with an extensive range of wired and wireless devices including life protection devices. A range of communicators and warning devices are also available to choose from. It is identical to its predecessor the SW 1070 except it: has up to 270 wire/wireless zones, works with the GSM-WiFi dual path communicator and is compatible with our new RF-Expander